Beat 02X

Below are listed all those crime categories for which Beat 02X has experienced either significantly higher (red for bad!) or significantly lower (green for good!) crime than the Oakland average during 2007-2012. If crimes of a certain type are either increasing or decreasing significantly during 2011 and 2012, these are also listed.

Further details concerning the analysis and how this particular beat fits into patterns across Oakland can be found in Further Details

Regarding beat 02X

  • wrt/ ASSAULT, your beat was 128.3% of the Oakland average.
  • wrt/ ASSAULT_FIREARM, your beat was 159.9% of the Oakland average.
  • wrt/ LARCENY_BURGLARY_RESIDENTIAL, your beat was 56.0% of the Oakland average.
  • wrt/ LARCENY_THEFT_VEHICLE_AUTO, your beat was 57.4% of the Oakland average.
  • wrt/ OTHER, your beat was 67.5% of the Oakland average.
  • wrt/ TRAFFIC, your beat was 73.9% of the Oakland average.
  • wrt/ TRAFFIC, there has been a significant increase in the level of this activity over 2011-2012.

Considering all categories, your beat 02X was worse (higher average) in 2 crime categories, and better off in 4.

Your worst category was ASSAULT_FIREARM: 159.9% of above the city-wide average.

Your best category was LARCENY_THEFT_VEHICLE_AUTO: 57.4% of below the city-wide average.

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